Gobbler's Knob Marker - On The Square In Woodstock, Illinois

Gobbler's Knob Film Marker - Woodstock, IL

Here's another landmark related to the film Groundhog Day (you know the one...Directed by Harold Ramis and starring Bill Murray, right?) around Woodstock, Illinois posted to the blog.  

The first one was this photo of me and little Lizzie at "Ned's Corner" in Woodstock.  Then I posted this letter that was sent to the citizens of Woodstock and hung at the Woodstock Theater - part of the Classic Cinemas chain - from Director Harold Ramis expressing his gratitude to the town during the filming of the movie.  

Today, is this small ground-level marker that reads:  "Gobbler's Knob in the Film Groundhog Day - 1992".  It is maybe 12 inches (almost) square mounted on a small concrete base.  It is located in the main park-like green in the middle of the Woodstock Square.  

There's - evidently- a Groundhog Day walking tour that takes place on/around Groundhog Day in Woodstock where you can visit a series of spots - most of which are marked with similar plaques - gold edged/gold raised letters on a dark background.  But, this one has the gopher with the sunglasses.  The rest are the like the one I shared of Ned's Corner - with the name of the location and the year 1992.  I think a walking tour - even if it is informal - is on the agenda for our next trip to Woodstock.  

For those wondering about the official/formal Woodstock Groundhog Day walking tour, here's a map of the locations and here's a post from Laurie Kutil Portraits that shows some great photos of the locations and their current/past states.  


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