Hydrangeas - Tuff Stuff and Everlasting Revolution - September 2019 Update

Above you'll see the current state of (on the left) our Everlasting Revolution Hydrangea, (middle) our dead Weeping Cedar tree and (on the right) our Tuff Stuff Hydrangea.  This post is the same photo from just over a year ago and you can see some big differences.  Of course, the Cedar tree is dead.  Sure...that's a difference, but this post is about the size and vibrancy of the hydrangeas on either side.

First, the smaller one:  the Everlasting Revolution.  Planted in Fall of 2017, this marks two years.  It is billed as being 'multi-colored' in flowers, so this is the one I was/am most excited about.  It is about 1/3rd of the size of the other one - planted at the same time, so it has fallen behind for one reason or another. 

Here (below) is a closer-up photo of the Everlasting Hydrangea.  It has never flowered or bloomed.   But it has come back both Springs and looking at this photo from a year ago, it has more than doubled this season.  Next year will be three years and some folks are saying that it might take seven years to bloom?!?!

And here (below) is the Tuff Stuff.  This, too, has never bloomed, but it is far bigger than the Everlasting Revolution.  This one is supposed to have pink flowers and was planted - at the same time - in Fall of 2017

I have one more - neighboring - hydrangea to cover here in the [garden diary] that I'll get to tomorrow. 


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