Lemax SpookyTown Gateway Halloween Countdown - 2019 Menards

As I mentioned in yesterday's post about the haunted bandshell from Lemax's Spookytown, Menards has a bunch of new (to me, at least) items in the Halloween Village.  Again....to be clear:  there's been a revolution and the Mayor of Mantleburg has been thrown out and the locals have opted to be annexed by other Villages.  Mostly by the Village of Craigslist.

This isn't quite a building and isn't quite a figure - in the Lemax world.  It is technically classified as a 'Tabletop Piece" in the Lemax site architecture.   And, I think that's justified.  Menards had this Gateway Countdown featured *inside* of their SpookyTown setup - you can see it below:

So, it can make sense inside of a Halloween Village setup. But, I think it could also make sense on it's own. The little bin holds the extra numbers on the right and you have to go in and switch them out everyday.  Or the kids have to go in and switch them out everyday.   Which, in our house means that it just won't get done for a few days.  We'll go from 30 days out to like 22 to 17 to 11 to 4 or something.

This is also released new this year.  The product page can be found here on Lemax's site.  Alas, besides posting here on the blog, there won't be any Spookytown around Mantleburg this year or in the near future.  Perhaps that revolt will last a few seasons. 


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