Lemax Symphony Of Screams SpookyTown - 2019 Menards

We recently caught up with the Halloween stuff that Menards has out for the season.  A trip to Menards during the late Summer/early Fall wouldn't be complete without a look at the Lemax SpookyTown buildings that they have set up.  I've done this for the past few years starting in 2016.  In 2017, I started to post some animated images of the Spookytown buildings that moved including this Ghostly Manor building.  And last year, I posted a few of the Lemax Spookytown buildings, too.

I snapped a few photos of the most interesting structures in Spookytown and will post them in the next few days.  Today, let's start with the "Symphony of Screams" - which is new this year.   It has light, sound and movement that you can see below:

The full product page can be found here on the Lemax site

This is a cute bandshell.  The problem?  The fine folks at Mantleburg aren't annexing any property right now and in fact have shed some of the additions via Craigslist.


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