Early Fall Limelight Hydrangeas - October 2019

This pair of Hydrangeas are right outside the southside of our front wrap-around porch and I've chronicled them a few times here on the blog in the garden diary.  I have, however, mislabeled them in the past once calling them "Annabelles".  They're not Annabelle Hydrangeas.  They're Limelights.  I looked back at our original landscape plan and confirmed that they are limelights - because the blooms earlier this year were VERY lime-colored. 

They're doing great with giant blooms that put on that nice lime-colored show earlier this year. 

This is the second in the series of posts about our front yard plants - which have been historically second-class citizens in the garden diary over the years.  The first was this post about our Little Henrys

Going back, you can see them coming back their first Summer in June 2018 here.  Then, here's what they looked like in mid-Summer last year.  Compact, but big blooms. 

These get good southern exposure and some runoff rain from our gutters/downspouts, so they're outpacing the front-facing (eastern-facing) hydrangeas. 


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