Cherry Nymph Amaryllis - 2019

This year's large Amaryllis bulb is this double-flowering Cherry Nymph bulb that I bought at Wannamaker's last weekend.  One year ago today, I posted about last year's Christmas Amaryllis getting started but, that version ended up falling a little bit behind of schedule.  By mid-December, it was just starting to send up the trunk. And it didn't bloom for Christmas.  It eventually bloomed in January and then we were treated to a second flower in March.

I treated it with an 8% alcohol treatment last year and I think that worked to limit the height and make it leggy.  I wonder if that kept it from blooming on time?

This bulb was $14.99 from Wannemaker's - as those are the ones that seem to work every year.  But, I'm also going back to the Menards Amaryllis to try those again - with the kids.

As for this Cherry Nymph - below you can see the large bulb before I stuck it in the pot.

And here is it planted in the new clay pot.

I am planning on adding a little bit of this moss and lichen to the top to dress it up a little bit.

Once I get all the Menards bulbs in pots, I'll share a photo or two of all of them and we can track them along the way.


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