Lemax Mountain High Adventure Tours - Menards Christmas 2019

This Mountain High Adventure Tours building from the Lemax Vail Village caught my eye at Menards.  It is one of the few Vail Village buildings that Menards is carrying and it is - according to Lemax's site - new for 2019.  Back in the hayday of Mantleburg, the Village had a few Vail Village buildings and I think that I'm drawn to them in some way.  I also like the seaside nature of Plymouth Corners.  But, besides having a SUPER TIGHT sign ordinance, the Village of Mantleburg forefathers weren't too terribly picky on the architecture style of structures in town.

This is the fifth Lemax Christmas building that I've posted about here this year.

First was the North Pole Tower - part of Santa's Wonderland.
Over the weekend was The Hop Stop craft brew building - part of Harvest Crossing.
The third one that I posted included photos of the Sugar Plum Bakery.
The fourth one was the fly-thru Reindeer wash building.
And now this one with the Hot Air Balloon.

In what I would classify as a positive move, none of the five buildings or building owners/business owners have applied for annexation to Mantleburg.   But, as you all know if you've been reading the Mantleburg Star...the Village Board is desperate for sales tax revenues, but at this point they aren't in any place to approve annexation if it were to come forward.   


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