Growing Place Bareroot Tree Availability - March 2020

Stuck at home due to 'social distancing' like we are?  I'm sure that you're dreaming about your Spring and Summer garden like I am these days.  If you're doing any tree planning, you are likely turning to some online resources to research and buy your trees.  I came across this link from one of our local nurseries:  The Growing Place in Naperville where they list their 2020 bare root tree availability for purchase

They're running a special on their bare root tree inventory, but you have to call them at 630.355.4000 and place your order by March 29, 2020. They say that there are "Limited quantities on select varieties."

So, why would you buy bare root trees? The Growing Place lists some benefits including:

What are they offering this year?  You can click here to see the full list and all the details.  But, below, is a snapshot of what is available. 
Redpointe Maple. 1.25" Branched. $99
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry. 3' Multi-stem. $59
American Hornbeam. 6' Light Branched. $99
Eastern Redbud. 7-8'. $79
Galilean Dogwood. 5' Branched. $99
Royal Raindrops Crab. 5' Light Branched. $79
Quaking Aspen. 5' Light Branched. $99
China Snow Tree Lilac. 6' Light Branched. $99
Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac. 1.25" Branched. $99
Baldcypress. 5' Branched. $99
Triumph Elm. 1.25" Branched. $99
I haven't previously purchased any bareroot trees, but I guess that I'm not opposed to them if the features that they call out are true:  50% less cost + better performance. 

The prices for the trees seem a little high to me - when thinking about 1.25" trees.  I have a tiny Bald Cypress out front that I recently measured at 1.21" caliper that is pretty close in size.  I didn't pay nearly $99 for it, but if I know The Growing Place at all, their trees are going to be very high quality.   They are experts at knowing trees, shrubs, flowers and normally carry really high quality - and well taken care of - stock.  I would think that these bare root trees are going to be the same - high quality and well cared for. 

The one that jumps off the page to me is the Eastern Redbud.  at $79 for a 7-8 tree, that seems like a fair price.  I've thought about adding a couple of Redbuds as 'patio trees' on either side of our current patio.  You can see the potential placement here.   One of my go-to online nurseries (Fast Growing Trees) is selling shorter Redbuds (4-5') trees for $99.  So, in that case the 30-50% discount seems to hold true. 

If you're in the market for any of these bare root trees, make sure you get on it:  order by end of March.


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