Winter Damage: Hicks Upright Yew - March 2020

A few days ago, I posted some sad photos of the small Canadian Hemlock trees that have been devoured by some freakin' rabbits in our backyard this Winter.  After I spotted that damage, I wanted to take a closer look at some of the other shrubs in our yard to see if there's more damage that occured between when we put the yard to bed for the Winter and now when it is starting to 'wake up'. 

Unfortunately, I found more.  Both rabbit damage.  And Winter damage. 

Let's start with this Hicks upright yew.  It is the one on the northern edge of the hedge.  And is the only one that has this much winter damage.  For history, I bought these Hicks Yews in July and planted them in the ground shortly thereafter.  This hedge (or...eventual hedge) is part of my 2020 "Priority Area 3' from my recent planning series. 

This post is now part of my Winter Damage Series, I guess.  Full tag of posts here.

It includes this post on our Front boxwood bronzing from February. Some potential backyard turf damage due to snow removal in December.  And this snapped flowering Cherry tree branch from January. 

As the weather warms up and the soil temperature rises, I'll get to these and give the dead stuff a trim.  These are still really young Hicks Yews, so I'm hopeful that they'll recover pretty quickly. 


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