Biosolids On The Lawn - Three Weeks In

Well, well, we're talking.  Have a look at that test plot above where you can see the impact of the biosolids that I topdressed in this section of our backyard lawn.  A week ago, I shared a photo that was two weeks in and the turf had already started to react positively.  Today, you can see the dark, thick grass in the rectangle that had the biosolids applied.

Here's the timeline:

Application of 5 gallons of biosolids.
Two weeks in.
Three weeks in.  (this photo/post).

I don't know how I could classify this experiment as anything other than a spectacular success.

I can see a process of top-dressing larger sections of our yard, but that's not a small project if I get it delivered - as it requires three yards minimum.  I could, however, see taking a series of five gallon buckets over to fill up and use on the parkway to try to thicken that area.


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