Cherry Blossoms Are Back - May 2020

For the first time since 2018, we have some Cherry Blossoms in our yard.  And it is so nice to see them appear on our Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree that was inspired by my first trip to Tokyo.  Back in the Spring of 2017, I was able to see some of the famed Cherry Blossom trees in Japan and when I came back home, I sought out a tree.  I found one at Menards in May of 2017.  We were in the midst of building our new house, so my plan was to plant it in our new backyard.    It was flowering when I bought it and the next Spring - May of 2018 - it flowered

Last Spring - 2019 - it seemed like it wanted to flower, but it never did.  It wasn't alone - as our Saucer Magnolia and Rhododendrons didn't flower, either last year.   I posted a photo of some Winter damage on this tree in January of this year.

And today?  It is starting to show some blossoms.  Less than ten so far, but I'm hopeful for a full tree of pretty pink blossoms.  They remind me of peony flowers - Nat's favorite - and that's one of the reasons that I love the look of this tree.   


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