Disneyland Roses - Sideyard Spring 2020

The last time I checked in on our Disneyland roses on the side of our house was back in September of 2019 when they were flowering.  At that time, one of them - the one closer to the rear of our house - was bigger than the other one.  Today, that trend continues with the one you see above being the one closer to the rear of our house. 

Below, you can see the context of that Disneyland rose - adjacent to the vent in our house and the window well. 

Here's the other one - closer to the front of the house - that is much smaller. 

They're both showing signs of growth after being pruned late this Winter.  I pruned off some off some of the growth to try to shape them a bit into a compact form.  I haven't fed these things anything, but I know that roses need some help to bloom strongly.  Next time I put together an order at Home Depot, I'll be adding rose food to try to get these to keep up their growth.


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