Fall Look: Disneyland Roses On Northside - September 2019

Today, you can see a photo collage at the top of the post showing what these things look like come late September.  I've posted the individual photos below as a way to look back at them in larger format.  

Planted in October of 2018, these are growing at two very different speeds/pace.

The first Disneyland Rose is the larger one - and it was larger in July, too.  When I planted it, this one had a small bloom on it.  Today, it is multi-stemmed and gaining some height and spread.  The blooms are big and bright. 

The other one is smaller.  Just like it was at planting AND in July.  But it, too, is blooming.  So, that's a good sign, right?  I'm thinking that with a little bit of mulch and some tending next year, they'll grow even bigger and better.  Being on the northside of the house - in our sideyard - they're getting a lot of sun, so they should....be happy.

I haven't fed these at all, but after researching what to feed them and when, it seems like I can't do them much good by giving them a dose of Rose food this Fall.  I don't want to confuse them with a shot of food and will likely just wait until the Spring.  Will have to put it on my list of things to get done next year:  get better at feeding the roses.


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