DIY Disney Parks Twinkle Light Project - Bulbs and Bases (Part 2)

A couple of days ago, I posted the first part - in a series - about my journey to replicating some twinkling lights that Disney uses (or used to use) in their parks.  In that post, I mentioned that by reading various forum posts from the past 10+ years, I came to find the bulbs and then what I thought were the right e10 miniature lamp bases.

These are the bulbs that I bought - you can see a photo of the box above.  Looks vintage, doesn't it?  Bought 15 of them - just to have a few spare on hand.

(NOTE:  I do NOT run any affiliate links - so I'm not making any money on sending someone to any Amazon/other seller items.  So, click away...and no need to strip out any ref?/affiliate tracking codes when you buy.)

Below, is a photo of the box and some of the bulbs - quarter on the desk for size reference.

Side of the box stamped "258".

And, here, below is the package of 10 lamp bases that I bought from Amazon.'

Here, below, is a close-up photo of one of the 258 flasher bulbs - next to the quarter.  They are tiny.

And, here, below is the bulb and the lamp base for size reference.

Up next, I'll try to figure out how to put them together and see if it gives off the twinkle that I'm after.

DIY Disney Park Twinkle Lights Project

Part 1:  Introduction
Part 2:  258 Flasher Bulbs and e10 miniature Bases


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