Saucer Magnolia Tree - Summer Flowers - July 2020

I was out cutting the grass out front this past week and noticed something colorful up in the Saucer Magnolia tree in our front yard.  I wasn't sure what it was, so I started to poke around and try to figure out what was going on.  The tree has grown quite a bit in height the past few seasons, so I can't get up to eye-level, but by pulling some of the branches out of the way, I saw what you see above:  A pink flower in the tree. 

Then I looked closer, and I saw another one:  two pink flowers that are present on this tree in the middle of Summer.

The last time that we checked in this tree was in early May when I applied a ring of Cocoa Bean mulch around the base after the flowers had bloomed this Spring.  This tree flowered this Spring after missing last year's set of blooms. 

What is this Summer bloom on our Saucer Magnolia?  I'm not sure as it has never happened before, but this forum post talks about how Saucers sometimes get a second, summertime bloom.  What I don't have answers for is if these blooms are part of the Spring bloom?  Or, are they part of next year's bloom?  If you look at the top photo, you'll notice that the bloom is on new growth from this season, so did this bud get set early?  And then opened up? 

Does this mean that the blooms set too early?  And we won't get flowers next Spring? 


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