Tree Dreaming Redux: Weeping Cedar at Home Depot - June 2020

I was at Home Depot a week or so back and and came across the tree above that stopped me in my tracks.  It is a beauty.  I looked a little closer and realized that what I was looking at was a Weeping Alaskan Cedar Tree.  The one I dreamed about in 2017 here on the blog.  And something that looks VERY different than the tree that I planted in 2018 and called a weeping cedar:  the Emerald Falls Himalayan Weeping CedarThat tree didn't make it through the first Winter, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking about it since then. 

This past Winter, I posted another weeping cedar - a columnar variety called the Van Den Aker Narrow - and talked about how I'm drawn to this tree in both forms.

The tag on the tree at Home Depot looks like this below.  It lists the tree as: Chamaecyparis - Weeping Alaskan Cedar and is listed at $99.  I'd say it is about six feet tall from the rootflare to the top tip. 

The $99 price had me think twice about it - because I'm not sure it is a good time to buy trees with the heat of the Summer coming on.  There were three of them there, but I'm thinking I might run back to see if they've gone on sale.

I can see it finding a home in our yard - likely in the backyard, but perhaps as a statement piece in front yard - along the driveway - in the spot underneath the Mulberry and to the East of the small Bald Cypress.

When I find time to get back to the Home Depot and it is still there, I'll have to fight the urge to buy it.


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