In Praise of Japanese Painted Ferns - August 2020

Back in June, I posted a photo of the one Japanese Painted Fern that we have next to our screened porch and talked about how - after leaving it almost exclusively ALONE for the past two years, it. seems to have established itself and is doing well. Today, I'm sharing another photo at the top of this post showing what it looks like in the heat of the Summer.  It has grown bigger and more full. 

And it now has me thinking that when I come across MORE of them - or if I seek them out - I should buy and plant a series of them along the fenceline -underneath the Frans Fontaine Hornbeam trees. 

I've had good luck with Ostrich Ferns, but they start to look kinda shabby later in the Summer and I've recently planted a Lady Fern - so I'm not sure how that will look once mature.  But, I do love the look of this Japanese Painted Fern in it's full Summer glory and think they'd look nice mixed in with some hostas under the trees

I have a gift card from Wannemakers that Nat's sister sent me for my birthday earlier this year - I'm wondering if they have any ferns on hand.  Maybe I'll go pick up a few and get them in before the season ends. 


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