Japanese Painted Fern - Screened Porch Bed - June 2020

Back in the Spring of 2018, I planted a couple of ferns on the northside of our house, outside our screened porch in what is pretty deep shade.  One of them was a Japanese Painted Fern.  That's what you see at the top of this post.  It has come back this year and seems to have established itself despite me not paying a lick of attention to it over the past two years.

After planting them, they suffered - through transplant shock + lack of attention.  But, they sprung back and showed some life at the end of their first season.    I had planted a hosta in between them that you can see in that post from September of 2018.

I caught this fern a year later - September of 2019 when it was happy and showing off it's green and purple fronds

Today, it seems to be doing just fine in the shade.  The other fern that I planted two years ago?  I don't see it, unfortunately.  But, there are a few hostas that have joined this one that you can see below:

In the photo above, you can see in the VERY far right side a little bit of green gutter pipe peeking out at the corner of the foundation.  I'm using that as a guide for locating these in the future.  All three hostas appear to be the same variety, perhaps one of the Bressingham Blue hostas that I planted in 2018.

This bed hasn't been mulched since 2019, so it seems like it is time to clean up the edge and lay down a layer of mulch to keep these shade plants happy.  As a reminder...this is also an area that needs to get solved in terms of 'walking' to the backyard.  Maybe that will get sorted this year.  Maybe not.


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