Late Summer Firewood Delivery - August 2020

Last week, I posted a couple of photos of a new firewood rack that I built from scrap wood in an attempt to get ahead of any sort of firewood shortage that some are predicting this year.  I needed that new rack because, I was planning on ordering 33% more than I normally order each late Summer/early Fall.   I've now used the same basic design on two racks that I've posted about and one more that I haven't posted just yet.

This is the fourth season that we've ordered firewood from Best Firewood and third one that we've ordered during this time of year.  This year being the earliest that we've ordered yet - with a late August delivery that you see here in this post.

In 2018, I ordered in late September
In 2019, I ordered in early October.
Due to the rumored 'shortage', in 2020, I ordered in late August.

And, that 33% extra?  I ended up buying three face cords.

1 face cord of Birch
1 face cord of Cherry
1 face cord of Oak

I've also had them stack the firewood each year, but like I decided with our mulch this year, due to the whole COVID-thing, we're hanging around the house and I, ummm, have the time.  So, I decided to stack the wood myself.

They dropped the wood on the driveway - that you can see below:

That's Cherry closest to the bottom.  Oak in the middle.  And Birch at the top of the photo.

I'll get this stuff up on the racks - both in the porch and outside - and share the photos of our new storage setup.


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