River Birch - Inherited Tree - Summer 2020

The last time that I posted a photo of this three-trunked tree was back in the month of May of 2018 when I included it (for the first time) in the tree inventory of our backyard.  It was Springtime, so the tree looked sparse at the time.  I'm sharing this photo in the [tree inventory] tag here on the blog to show how the limbs have leaf'd out and is providing some new lower-hanging screening and some branching that is starting to extend out over the lawn.

The other thing to note is the big change the area around the tree has experienced over the past two seasons - back in 2018, this tree was surrounded by turf.  Today, it is tucked into a mulch bed with a series of Ostrich Ferns at the tree's feet.

This is one of two multi-trunked trees in our yard - the other one being up in the front yard with our Saucer Magnolia.

I'm going to grab the calipers of these three trunks this Fall when I do the balance of the trees in our backyard.

The other things to note in this photo:

1.  The location of the raised bed.  It is too heavy to move at this point, but it is NOT going to work here.  TOO much shade.
2.  Further up the bed, you can see a few of the Guacamole Hostas.  More on these in a future post.
3.  The branching of the largest of our Catalpa tree has some branching that is now hanging over part of the lawn, too.  I'm liking how it is looking.
4.  Further down the line, you can see the Harry Lauder Walking Stick tree that we planted in a little new bed that is jutting out into the yard.


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