57 New Tulip Bulbs Planted in Front Yard Bed - September 2020


Over the weekend, I planted these 57 tulip bulbs in the front bed - underneath the Norway Maple tree outside of our front porch.  This post shows the location of the current tulips from this Spring.  The important bulbs to note in this post are the yellow ones in the middle.  If you recall this post from back in May of 2019, I mentioned how Amy @ Pretty Purple Door said that adding yellow will balance out the red/orange combo.  

The tulips that I added are:

28 Yokohama Single Early Yellow Tulips.

15 Darwin Oxford Elite Orange Tulips.  These remind me of the Disneyland Rose.

And 14 white (first time adding white to this bed) Purissima (Emperor) Tulips.

I originally planted 50 tulip bulbs in this bed.  30 pink/red Crystal Beauty bulbs.  And 20 orange Double Princess tulips.

The counts now are:

25 red/pink bulbs

35 orange bulbs

28 yellow bulbs

14 white bulbs

107 total bulbs planted.  But, I know not all of them are still there - due to critters digging things up and seeing some of them turn up on the top of the soil chewed and slip up.


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