Orange Double Late Tulips Blooming - Front Beds - April 2020

The Orange Double Late Tulip bulbs that I planted in the Fall of 2018 have sprung up and are in bloom while the red-ish Crystal Beauty Fringed Pink Tulips that were planted at the same time haven't flowered at all.  I planted 25 of each at the same time and last year they bloomed (for the first time) at the same time.  You can see that post showing the flowers here.  I count either 23 or 24 of the initial 25 have bloomed this year, so that's a nice year-two-rate.

This is the only pop of color that we have in the front yard beds and it comes in early Spring.  Nat was just telling me that she wishes we had more color in the front yard, so that's something we'll have to work on.

I posted a photo of these tulips in early March emerging from the mulch.  And, this is the same section that I've covered in the past about trying to 'balance' out the colors by adding yellow to the mix.  I didn't get around to buying bulbs last Fall, but it will be on my list this year - perhaps yellow tulips or...perhaps a daffodil to mix things up a little bit?  Solve both the 'add yellow for balance' issue and Nat's desire to see more in front at the same time.

Those of you who have kept up on some of our garden diary this season, you might have noticed something else in this photo that was a small project that I took (or at least...part of a project.  We'll see how it works and adapt from there.) on this week during social distancing.  More on that in a separate post this week.


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