Balancing The Color Pallette In Our Front Tulips

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some photos of the newly bloomed tulips that came up in our front yard bed right in front of the large Maple tree.  Go see that photo here.  They look - to me at least - to be orange and red.  I say that because the reds were *supposed* to be pink, but they came out much more like a true red.  They looked great.  Or at least I thought they did.  That was, until I came across this ebook from Pretty Purple Door.  It is called "7 questions to ask yourself to choose the right plants for your garden" and you can get it by giving her your name and email address here on her site.  I'm not going to link directly to the .pdf because she is running a biz, but I do want to show one little nugget that is in that guide.  She talks about color palette and then lists a few of her favorites and a few to avoid.  To be respectful, here's a screenshot, but I've blurred out the parts that aren't relevant here.  (Again...if you want the full guide, go here.)

First, let's look in the center column.  Avoid these combinations, she says:
Via Pretty Purple Door and pink.  Welp....that's kinda what we have.

But...look in the left column.  See what she says there?  Add yellow and you take a red/orange combo to a red/orange/yellow combination and that becomes one of her favorites.

So, how do we make this set of tulips right?  I think by adding yellow this Fall.   I don't have this on my To-Do List addendum, but I'm thinking that I now need to revisit that post and add a few items.   Now on the list?  Buy yellow Tulip bulbs this fall.  And next Spring, it will look something like this:


  1. Hey Jake I appreciate you linking to my guide. I like your blog a lot. I just wanted to comment on the orange and pink. First color is all relative so if it's a combo you really like then feel free to completely ignore me ��. But basically orange and pink are both very strong and hot colors. They tend to clash when put next to each other. Luckily bulbs are super simple to move around so don't sweat it!

    My post on color schemes may also be helpful:

    Keep it up its looking great

    1. One more note-- purple is another good option to tone this down a notch since it plays nicely with both orange and pink :)

    2. Purple it is! Thx for the tip.


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