Growth Regulator Applied to Trees - Large Maple and Large Oak - September 2020

Earlier this year, I posted a photo showing some of the canopy deterioration of the Norway Maple in our front yard - right outside of our front porch.  The tree seems to be suffering from some damage due to construction and digging around the roots.  We specifically moved the house back to save this tree, so seeing the parts of the tree going dead has me concerned.  Then in August, I posted a photo of a large limb that went down during the Derecho storm.  So, it was time to call in the experts.  

I had an arborist from Davey come out and give us a plan to help this tree.  And one in the back.  It includes a pruning in late Fall/early Winter once the tree has shed all of it's leaves.  But, it also includes a three year growth regulator treatment.  

In the photo below, you can see the technician boring holes in and around the base of the tree where he was set to apply the growth regulator called Cambistat.  

He mixed up a container for our front yard Norway Maple (21") and our backyard Red Oak (31") and poured it into the holes.


Here - below - you can see him working the Red Maple in the backyard.  

So, what is Cambistat and what does it do?  It slows the canopy growth down for three years so the tree can focus its energy where it counts - on the root system.

The application(s) aren't cheap, but I'm hoping that the investment is going to keep these two - very important trees - happy and healthy.  And around our property for a number of years to come.


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