Bald Cypress - Fall Show - November 2020

We don't have a ton of trees that put on a nice "Fall Show" in our yard.  We seem to mostly go from green to yellow to (very quickly) brown.  A little bit of orange here and there including on the Dawn Redwood that looked really nice with orange needles this Fall.  But, the tiny Bald Cypress that I planted in the front yard two years ago is doing something it hasn't done before:  put on a Fall Show.  You can see the dark orange (almost rust color) on the needles is a nice contrast to the yellow maple leaves laying on the ground at the base of the trunk.  

This tree seemed to do well this season - even had some late Summer growth - but, with our neighbors pouring a brand new driveway (you can see it in the photo above), I have some concerns about the location.  At this point, seems like we'll just have to 'limb it up' as it grows to keep it off the neighbor's driveway.


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