Disneyland Roses - Leaf Mulch for Winter Protection - November 2020

Last month, I began to prep some parts of our yard for winter with the addition of chicken wire protection to keep the rabbits away from nibbling on the evergreens all Winter.  I started with the Canadian Hemlocks and also wrapped our Weeping White Spruce columnar tree, too.  In those posts, I mentioned that I was planning on trying to protect a couple of our Disneyland Roses using a similar technique - wrapping a ring of poultry netting around them - but this time, filling them with mass to protect from winter frosts.

Below are a couple of photos that show the currents state of our two sideyard Disneyland roses.  First, the eastern-most one.  The chicken wire is wrapped around the rose and filled with mulched/chopped-up fall leaves to provide mulching protection.  I also threw down wood chips around the bottom to keep critters from getting inside: 

The more western one - below - is the larger of the Disneyland roses.  This one, too, was wrapped in chicken wire and mulched from the bottom with wood chips and the top with mulched leaves. 

My plan is to let these sets of mulched leaves settle and then kind of 'top them off' before I'm done for the year.   I haven't had trouble with these coming back from Winter, but I wanted to try this approach to protecting them since they're out on their own.  The house provides some protection, I'm sure, but this way, they'll have even more protection against the winter frost.


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