Firewood Consumption - Early November 2020

We're moving into the cooler temperatures around here that means that the pace at which we burn through our firewood stash increases.  We've been using our screened porch a lot more this Fall and that means that we're burning in two fireplaces - the family room and the porch.  Based on the rumor'd 'firewood shortage' that we were facing, I ordered early.  In late August, we had three face cords delivered and I stacked them on our new firewood racks outside.  

At that time (Late August), we had all five racks full.  Here's where we are today - below.  First the inside racks.  You can see that they are all full - with some wood on top of each:

Next is the Oak rack outside of my office door (below).  That one, too, is untouched and fully loaded.  

Next up is the Cherry rack outside (below).  This was FULL of Cherry firewood inside the rack and loaded on top with mixed hardwoods.  Today, it is about 1/3rd of the way full, but the top of the rack is full of unprocessed Norway Maple rounds that came from the tree in our front yard.  

Lastly, is the largest rack that was full of a blend of Oak and Birch.  Today (below), it is almost empty. On top are some of the treated wood blanks that I used with our Joe Dirt Pool (we won't be burning those) and some scrap 2x4's from another project (I will be burning those).

In 2019, I ordered two face cords and had them stacked on just three racks - the two inside and the one on the stoop by my office.  Looking back at those photos, it seems like I've burned through just UNDER a Face Cord this year.   September and October = one face cord.  That's faster than I was anticipating, but we'll know when we get closer to Christmas how we're doing burning through our stash and if we'll need to reorder before Spring.


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