Winter or Late Fall Conifer Damage - Container Gardening - December 2020

Back in October of this year, I posted a photo of the new growth on this unknown conifer that is in a large container on our patio and remarked at how good it was doing this growing season.  I had overwintered this in our screened porch last year - which was OPEN to the elements, but it was protected from some of the harsher aspects of Winter including a little bit of the wind being cut down and a roof over the top of it.  

I mentioned that I was going to bring this one in this season, too.  But, I was just outside and saw that I had forgotten to bring this one in and it now looks like this:  almost maroon-ish in color.  

What is going on?  Drying out?  Sun scald?  Winter damage?  Seems a little early, doesn't it?  

I'm going to bring this in to the porch TODAY and give it a little water to see how it responds.  


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