Unknown Juniper in Large Patio Container

 On our back patio, we have a container with a small conifer that I'm not sure the cultivar.  I bought it last year and worked on it a little bit - as there is some wire on parts of it - but I'm not sure which kind of juniper it really is at this point.  I have two junipers - Youngstown and Chinese - that I have in containers that I planted in the ground.  My plan is to dig them up next Spring and give them another haircut/style.  My Bonsai journey has been one of buying some nursery stock initially and KILLING my first one.  In a matter of months.  Due to over-pruning it, I think.  As a result of that experience, I've kinda taken the 'lazy bonsai' route on these - by giving them an initial wiring up and then planting them (in their containers to restrict the roots) in the ground (or in this case in a larger container).  By next year, all three will hopefully able to handle a little bit of pruning.

Here is the unknown Juniper that has grown nicely in the container in the photo below.  If you look closely, you can see that wire that I've wrapped around some of the limbs.  

And here, below, is another angle.  You can see the errant wire at the top left.  

I overwintered this container in our screened porch - but it didn't have the Eze-Breeze windows on/in it, so the temperature was the same as outside, but since it was tucked in against the house and the porch has a knee-wall, it was kept out of the really harsh elements.  This Winter, the windows will be closed, so we'll be able to keep the wind out completely - and....perhaps even spend a little bit of time out there with the heater and the fireplace.  


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