Firewood Consumption - January 2021

Here's a look at the five firewood racks that we have in and around our house.  (I have another aack at the back of the property, but we use that one for fire pit wood.) These were full with Oak, Cherry and Birch early this Fall and by early January,  we've just about completely exhausted the supply.  First, the pair of outdoor racks along the fence line.  On the left, you see some of the recently split Ash (or Walnut??).   On the right, you see some of the unprocessed Norway Maple that came down this Summer.   I've just ordered another two Face Cords of wood that will be delivered next week to fill these up, but I'm thinking I should get the rounds out first so I can split them this Winter.

Next up, below, is the Oak rack that I keep on a side stoop. Two months ago, it was full.  Today, it is empty but for a coupe of pieces that I'm keeping on hand to test moisture content over time.

Now, we move into the screened porch.  The double rack (photo below) has about a dozen pieces on the top and two dozen on the bottom.  Mix of Cherry and Oak.

And, finally, the rack next to the fireplace - this one below - has about 30 pieces remaining.  All Birch.

When the new order shows up, I'll fill all these spots and we'll be set up for the balance of Winter and Spring.


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