Holiday Mittens Resort Pins - 2015 Disney World Contemporary and Polynesian

Here's a matched set of Disney Parks pins that were in that little stash that we came across last weekend - but these are a matched set of a matched set.  Of holiday character themed-mittens.  

With the whole Bernie Sanders inauguration mittens meme,  I'm so *on* trend right with this post now, amiright? 

The first one below is from 2015 Christmas at the Polynesian Resort (note: not yet the Polynesian Village Resort) featuring Stitch.  And the other one on the left is from the same 2015 Christmas/holiday celebration at Disney's Contemporary Resort featuring...for some reason...Tinkerbell in a Santa hat and outfit. 

Both of these are on cute cards that carry the whole mittens-theme forward and are both marked "Limited Edition". 

This is the most recent of the discovered 'stash' pins from Disney Parks on the blog.  ALL of my posts about various Disney Parks trading pins can be found here.  I also have created this running log of everything I've posted on the blog related to Disney over the years that breaks down posting trends and really shows how some years there is A LOT more Disney stuff than others. 

The other ones from this past week include a 2016 Flower and Garden Festival pin, a 2015 Christmas Captain Hook and Mr. Smee pin, and a 2015 Disney's Hollywood Studios Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights pin from the final year of that light show.


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