Transplanted Fern - Seeming Like Failure - February 2021

 It seems that I *may* have made a mistake with the fern that I tried to rescue by transplanting it into a different container and giving it a haircut.  Back a couple of weeks ago, I posted a photo of this small (miniature?) fern that I had brought inside before the frost and neglected all Fall.  It was dry, brittle and showing a lot of stress.  I decided to try to bring it back by feeding it with some composted manure and trimming off all the dead fronds.  I then put it out on the screened porch where the humidity level is a bit higher than in the house.  

Unfortunately, it seems like we've seen no positive growth since the transplant and haircut.   There are still come greyish-green fronds hanging around that aren't totally brittle, but no new growth.  This is what it looks like 15 days post haircut.  Not promising.  

I brought all three of the containers that were on the screened porch INSIDE the house late last week since the forecast was calling for negative temperatures for a bit.  The Wire vine and Foxtail Fern seem to have done fine with that transition, but I'll move them back out to the screened porch once the outside temperatures get up into the 30's again.


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