Tree Dreaming: Lindsey's Skyward BaldCypress

 The folks at The Growing Place in Naperville and Aurora have recently posted a list of some "new" or at least "new to them" plants and trees that they will be carrying this season.  There are a few things that I'm seeing on the list that are interesting to consider, but one item in particular made me go and do more research.  It is of the list they published.  Go ahead, click here.  And scroll down.  There, you'll find the Lindsey’s Skyward Bald Cypress tree.  Here's how they describe it on their site:

What's that?  Narrow form?  Oh, you know me, I'm a sucker for narrow, columnar-form trees.  A quick look around the Web reveals even more details including: "fern-like needles", "very upward facing branches", "Winter interest", "dramatic symmetrical columnar habit", "showy bronze carpet".  

You hand me at fern-like + narrow. 

And, here (below) is what it looks like in their photo:

Source via The Growing Place.

I can think of like four places where I want to plant one of these.  Two of them are on this post (#1 and #3) in the backyard and a couple of places in the front including on either side of the driveway.   Just need to balance that feeling with the priority areas in the yard this year.  Ahhh...what's that strange feeling?  Is it constraint?


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