Vintage Disney Parks "Lost Parent" Paper Tag From Early 1980's

 A few days ago, I posted a retro photo from a family trip to the Vacation Kingdom back in the early 1980's and wondered both where (inside the park(s)) it was taken and also, what these little tags on our clothes were for during our visit to the parks.   I was maybe four or five years old.  And that would make my middle sisters age 6 and age 12 or so.   

It didn't take long to turn up this listing on eBay that shows a "Lost Parent" paper tag that they say is from Disneyland.

Source via Ebay listing.  This is NOT my listing, not my tag.  Original here.

Now, if I zoom waaaaaaaay in on our original photo, it sure seems to be Mickey and Minnie in this pose on the tag.  Have a look here:

So, we're wearing "Lost Parent" tags.  The back of those (via that *same* eBay listing) looks like this:

Source via this eBay listing.  Not my tag, not my photo.  

Pretty interesting to think how much they de-prioritized the telephone number on the form isn't it?  I mean, the most useful information they could have back in 1983 was your parent's name and the address of your local hotel. 

As for final confirmation that this tag is, indeed from Disneyland, if you look at where the "Lost Child Station" is located TODAY at DLR, it is right next to the Plaza Inn.  Also, the restaurant down at WDW is called The Plaza Restaurant, not the Inn.  

So, let's say that 33% of the mystery is solved.  Still no confirmation on the year or location.  But the tags?  They're certainly "Lost Parent" tags.


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