Pizza Parlor Red and White Striped Shirts - Vintage Aurelio's Pizza

The post I put up yesterday regarding how Aurelio's pre-pans their dough and then racks them up pre-service time was drawn from a tip they provided on their Instagram handle.  A few posts back, they shared a photo of their founder - Joe Aurelio - in his red and white striped shop shirt.

That image deserved a post here in the [pizza dreaming] category.  

Aurelio's has a whole history section up on their site and there are a number of photos with Joe Aurelio wearing this same striped shirt.  Serving beer, visiting a table and in the kitchen.

I've posted a number of times over the years here on the blog about the not-going-to-happen pizza parlor spot dream.     It starts with the look of this vintage Little Caesar's Pizza Treat location with a window into the kitchen and side-by-side prep and waiting room.   Just about everything there - the paneling, the seating, the light fixtures and lamp, the outside sign ("Carry Outs"), the guys wearing hats, the polynesian-inspired art on the wall.

But, that pizza dream lives across a series of posts.  Things like the floor at Pizza Rizzo's, beer and soda by the pitcher like at Barnaby's, the white/black floors you see from time to time.  Neon sign of some sort, the checker board table cloths and Tiffany lights.  All of that.  But, alas, it isn't in the cards.   But, what's my retirement plan?  I don't know if Nat will go along with it, but, instead of a parlor, a more likely - but still dreaming - scenario is a pizza farm.  Hey now...that pizza farm idea might warrant a whole separate post.


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