Aurelio's Pizza Pre-Panning Their Dough - Pizzamaking 2021

Back in this post from October of 2015, at the very end, I mention that in a video, the franchisee of the Aurelio's in Geneva "points out that they roll/sheet their skins out ahead of time and let them kind of dry out. They don't want the top 'sticky'. Not 'doughy'."  I thought that was interesting.  They pan their doughs ahead of time.  That kinda makes sense in terms of a production environment, right?  But, I wasn't sure if that was just unique to the Geneva franchise.  

Welp, over on their Instagram handle, the folks at Aurelio's pizza confirm for me - as fact - this pre-panning of the dough that I've been thinking about for years.  

I've been making Bar Pizzas the past few weekends and this is something I'm going to incorporate into my tests to see what impact it has on the finished product.  Also, note...they use cutter pans. I have a couple of different sizes of cutter pans from Lloyd's pans and have been using them on the Bar pizzas alongside the higher-lipped Deep Dish stacking pan that I recently bought.  There seem to be a couple of significant reasons to use the Deep Dish stacking pans over cutters:  the ability to get a higher/better Frico edge, space-saving in terms of panning the dough AND then stacking and being able to either pop them in the fridge or on the counter and finally portability.  

I'll have to push the limits on the frico edge with a cheese build-up to see what kind of results I can achieve with the taller, stacking deep dish pan.  If I didn't have three cutter pans on hand, I'd be fine with buying the deep dish ones based on the portability alone.  


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