Sally's Shell Lenten Rose - Back for 2nd Season - March 2021

Last year, I planted one (yes, I know, I was a mistake to buy *just* one) Lenten Rose (or Hellebores) in our backyard that we picked up at The Growing Place.  It is a cultivar called Sally's Shell and it was in flower when we bought it, but quickly planted it in the backyard right where the plan called for a series of them in what I've called the 2021 Priority Area #2.  That area calls for ten (10) of them, so I have some more to buy to get close to that coverage this year.  

But, before I turn to adding MORE this year, I wanted to figure out how it weathered the Winter.  And, it didn't take me long to identify this beauty as you an see a purple-ish ball of foliage that has emerged from the mulch/wood chips - that you can see below:

Stepping back a little bit, you can see (below) how it sort of just fades into the wood chips, but there are some of the stems and leaves that survived the Winter associated with the little purple package in the middle.  

This is in a PRIME trample-ready location, so I'm going to try to use some sticks or fencing to identify it so the kids don't kill it before it pops up and puts on a Spring show.  I created a couple of chicken wire rings to protect the Disneyland Roses over Winter that I can remove and perhaps re-use to protect Sally's Shell. 


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