Dorianell's Cake Shop - Back of the Yards Chicago

That's a photo of Dorianell's Cake Shop - once located at 1114 W 51st Street, Chicago, IL 60609.  It was in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, just a few blocks west and one block north of Sherman Park on Racine and Garfield.

My sister Vic sent that photo to me.  And it is the first time that I'ver ever seen it.  

That's where my Mom grew up.  Upstairs.  And that's her dad's bakery on the first floor.  I've heard a lot about "the bakery", but I never knew it had a name.  Nor what it looked like.

Turns out, it isn't *just* a bakery; it is a "cake shop".

I can't totally explain it, but this photo makes me really happy.  It also gives me so many ideas and thoughts.   I've talked about what the sign and exterior would look like if I ever did a spot of my own.  I guess I've found the name for my pizza place.  (I'm not doing a pizza place.)

The name of the place?  Dorianell's?  That's a combination of my Mom and her two brother's names.  Dorothy, Florian and Mitchell.  Dor - ian - ell.

The Cake shop is long gone, but I have one relic from it that my mom gave to me when she moved out of my childhood home - the scale from the back of the bakery.  My sister also sent me some interior shots which I'm pouring over like they're the Zapruder Film for details to take away.  I'll post those as pizza-place inspiration


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