Bressingham Blue Bareroot Hosta Update - June 2021

Back at the end of April, I planted eight (or, so I said in that post) bareroot Bressingham Blue hostas that Nat picked up from Costco. I planted them on the border of the newly created curved bed on the north side of the backyard.  At the time, I wasn't sure what the success rate would be for these bare root hosts, but with a little bit of time behind us now, it seems like the first few months have yielded seven hostas that have come up.  One of them - the second from the left along the border - is SUPER tiny...just barely above the ground.  But, it *is* indeed there.  The other ones have popped out of the ground a little bit and are small, like 4-5" plants.  You can see the seven hostas (well...six plus one you can't really see in the photo) below:

The reason that I'm questioning the success rate (it might be 100%) is that I can't find the root structure of the last one that would likely be to the right of these.  It just isn't there.  

I'm going to keep baby'ing these - and they'll get helped by being in the same area as the new large Falsecypress tree that I planted and will water all Summer long.  I'm hopeful that these will get established this year and put up even bigger foliage next year when they'll fill in the border area.


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