Jobe's Tree Fertilizer Spikes - June 2021

Like I've done in year's past, I decided to use Jobe's tree spike fertilizer in and around some of our trees in the yard.  These were (surprisingly) hard to find this year - and I ended up buying them online at Home Depot. What struck me was the pretty BIG difference in the quantity of the package that Jobe's has brought to market.  

Take a look at the photo in this post showing that they had boxes of 15 spikes last year (2020).  The, flip back here and look at the pile of spikes I bought this season below.  The boxes had just 9 spikes in each box.  I bought four packs of 9 - 36 total spikes for deciduous trees. 

And one box of 15 evergreen spikes (below):

I used the evergreen spikes around the new Falsecypress tree, the Weeping White Spruce and the hedge of Hicks Yews - where I wasn't able to put down spikes for every shrub.  

Same thing on the decidious spikes - even with 36 spikes, I ended up short of feeding all of my planted trees around the yard, but tried to focus the feeding on the trees that I knew needed the most help -including the pair of Hornbeams that I am trying to close the gap.


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