Summer Plant Dreaming: Hosta Brother Stefan

Earlier this Summer, I was poking around The Growing Place shade section and saw a hosta that (more than) caught my eye:  'Brother Stefan'.  It feels really interesting - corrugated of sorts.  They describe it (on The Growing Place sign) as 'puckered'.  

I'm filing this under the [plant dreaming] tag - as I now am going to be thinking about adding it to our backyard.  Here, below, is the Brother Stefan hosta and if you zoom-in, you can see the sign I mentioned above:  

The folks over at Walters Gardens have a listing up for this hosta, too.  From that listing, I see this list of really nice characteristics.  Some highlights:

"large sized".  Check.

"moderate growth rate". Check.

"most spectacular hosta they have ever seen".  Check.

"thick leaves".  Check.

"slug resistance".  Check. 

"tall".  Check. 

"perfect focal point".  Check.

"shade garden".  Check. 

Oh, my.  

New Hampshire Hostas claim that "you need this hosta".  

Also, according to this column in the Wisconsin State Farmer, it was named Hosta of the Year in 2017 and describe the plant as 'stunning' and  foliage as 'corrugated', 'leathery' and 'heavily pebbled'.  

I'm thinking this has shot to the top of my hosta-want list at this point - but have to think about the best place(s) to tuck a few of these in the beds.  


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