Humulus lupulus 'Cascade' Hops Vine Stretch Upward - July 2021

Earlier this Summer - in early June - I planted a Humulus Iupulus 'Cascade' Hops vine in a sunny spot of our backyard.  I posted about it in July and mentioned that it was a very mature vine that was 'bulging' in the container that I bought from The Growing Place.  It suffered some tremendous transplant shock, but with a little bit of attention (and water), it recovered.  The photo below shows what it looks like mid-Summer - just about 40 days or so after planting it.  You can see that one of the vines is edging over the six-foot-tall fence.

I put up a small, thin metal trellis that I found on our lot when we moved in, but you can quickly sense that it needs more.  Back in Elmhurst, I had these wooden trellises attached to our fence that I think would be worth exploring in this spot next year.  I'll have to put - adding a real trellis or vine system - to my 2022 to-do list.  For now, I'm thinking I'm going to drive a couple of screws into the fence to give the vine something to grab on to as it shoots up.  I'm also drawn to those hops trellis setups that feature a single piece of wire strung vertically that bring the vine way up high.  Maybe I can train it up like the vines between the London Plane Trees in Luxembourg Gardens with sweeping, gentle curves.


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