Mid-Summer Belgian Fence Apple Espalier - July 2021

Back at the beginning of Summer (or end of Spring), I planted two replacement trees in our Apple tree Belgian Fence to bring the total up to seven - of the needed eight trees.  I used a couple of crabapple trees that are known pollinators for the existing Honeycrisp apple trees.  A couple of weeks ago, I pulled out my pruners secateurs and some padded wire and cleaned these trees up and wired the limbs in place.  You can see the trees below.  

A few notes:  
  • I'm still missing tree #5 (from the left).   I'll likely try to plant something this Fall.  
  • Tree #6 (from the left) is not pruned down far enough.  I was concerned that all the growth was above my cut line, so I decided to leave some on a little higher.  And scored some buds below/near the (ideal) cut line to try to push some new growth. 
    The other five trees are in growing season #2.
  • I'm now realizing that 18" is too close together.  It will work, but the diamonds won't be as dramatic and I think they would be if these trees were further apart.  The other side of that spacing, though is the number of repeats and the angles.  Further apart = less diamonds and/or steeper angles if height is a factor (like it is for me).
  • To that end (height), I'm now wondering if I should extend the espalier up one more row of diamonds.  That would require a rigging system that sits on TOP of the fence, but would make the whole setup stand out more, right?  It would draw your eye to it.
  • And, finally, if you look close enough, you'll see that we have ONE of the diamonds done.  Like it the final form.  Bottom of the Belgian Fence, a little left of center.  See annotated photo below:


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