Bar Pizza Progress - Summer 2021

August marks six-month mark on my Bar Pizza journey.  Started back in March and have posted a few times including my 'pockmark progress' and how I've tried both pre-and-post-bake ricotta.  I've recently settled some of that (I'm now using Chellino Ricotta pre-bake on my bbq chicken 'stunt pizza'.  More on that in a future post).    Here are a few recent photos showing my progress.  

First, with so little yeast, I'm surprised by this kind of structure:

Below, you can see a sort-of edge profile.  I'm happy with the thickness, the ply-ability and the crisp on these pizzas.  I do, however, give them first a cooling-rack rest followed by a post-cut dimple pan.  

Here's a little frico below.  I've recently moved away from using any sort of cheddar - as it oils-off differently than the other cheeses I'm using.

And the full monty - below.  Cup and Char post-bake basil.

Here's another profile below:

And the top-down, cheese only full monty:

Those wanting to keep up with all the pizza photos can start to follow along here on Instagram: Eat Dorianell's.


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