Gilt Edge Toad Lilies - Pre-Bud Burst - August 2021

Nine months ago, when our yard and garden had gone dormant, I posted a 'plant dreaming' post about Toad Lilies that Erin, the Impatient Gardener had introduced me to via her Instagram handle.  "You should know Toad Lilies" she wrote.   I included a mention of Toad Lilies in my 2021 to-do list (#18) and came across them earlier this Spring at Hinsdale Nursery.  

In early June, I had three of them on hand and planted them in the far back - behind the new fire pit area.  I've watered them in a little bit, but I'll say that they seem to be doing just fine without being baby'd.  Here, below, are a couple of photos of the trio.  First, you can see the variegated edge on all of them is really bright and clear.  Love that.  What's interesting is that the photo at Hinsdale Nursery shows a white edge, whereas ours are much more lime green.   I spaced these three out in a little cluster as I understand they'll sort of naturally colonize.  

Below is another photo showing the flower buds that have formed and have yet to open.  In addition to this being a shade-loving plant, it produces these really interesting flowers that come LATE in the season.  Love that, too. 


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