Sideyard Gravel Walkway - August 2021


Getting this project done was *NOT* on my 2021 to-do list, but it should have been.  Although, I'd hesitate to call this project 'done', rather more like (this part) being 85% done.  The edging is installed (and has been for a month or more) and now I've put down the minimum amount of bluestone chips gravel, so the path is no longer a muddy mess.  The dark spots you see above are because I tried this path with larger paver/steppers laid in the ground with gravel around them, but it wasn't working.  So, I yanked them out and put down additional gravel.  They will dry out and the whole thing will look uniform in a half-a-day or so.

This area has the firewood racks on the left and some random hostas and ferns that I've stuck here over the years on the right. looking at the inspiration photo here...not too bad, right?  

I still have to extend this path all the way to the driveway, but for now we've solved the most pressing part of the walkway that gets people from our front yard to our backyard. 


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