Mickey Mouse Topiary Update - September 2021

The last time I posted an update on our Mickey Mouse (standing) topiary was back in late July of this Summer.  I had just recently moved it outside to our back patio and the Creeping Fig Vine that I had planted on it was doing well and growing to cover part of the frame.  We brought home the frame from this Spring's Epcot Flower and Garden Festival and I bought the balance of the supplies online.  That look back in July was at about the 3 month mark.  

Today, marks the five month mark since stuffing, wiring and planting the topiary.  And we're seeing quite a bit more coverage with the Creeping Fig Vine seeming to have established itself and would around the front and back of the frame.   Here, below, is the front of the Mickey Mouse topiary after about 150 days.  The vine - planted in the 'heart' has covered a lot of his belly, some of his face and some of one of his ears.

Below, you can see a photo of the back of the topiary.  I just started to train some of the vine around hte back - using the topiary pins - and the coverage is starting to fill in back there.   You can see A LOT of the fishing wire down at the bottom of the back, so that's where I'm aiming to send one of the leaders of the vine.

I ended up standing this Mickey Mouse topiary inside a pot with some soil inside of it - that's how I've some what received the best performance.  It keeps the base of the topiary moist, doesn't allow the water to run right out.  The downside is that you can see I'm getting a little bit of green moss or algae growth on the lower part of the topiary.  I actually *like* that, but could see how some folks might mind it.

It is clear that this topiary "liked" being outside on the patio - between the heat, sun exposure and keeping it watered, the vine has thrived.  Here, below, is a collage of photos showing - on the left (the largest photo) - the current state, AKA 'how it's going'  On the top right = two months ago.  Bottom right = 'how it started'.

With Creeping Fig Vine being a tropical, I'm going to have to start to think about bringing this whole thing in the house in the coming weeks - ahead of any frosts.  Last Winter, we kept a bunch of our containers up in a spare bedroom where they overwintered.  Some did ok, some didn't.  From what I've read up on Creeping Fig Vine, it will do fine in just about any light conditions, but is more sensitive to moisture problems.  So, maybe that means I'll start keeping it on the first floor, so I remember to keep it watered vs lingering alone upstairs.


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