New Bed Near Sidewalk - Trouble Spot - September 2021

A few days ago, I posted (once again) about the 'in between two driveways' part of our yard and talked about how the hot, Summer sun beats down part of the area so much so that I've had the grass go dormant every year.  In that post, I talked about taking on just a PART of the area - down by the sidewalk - which is the worst-hit portion of the turf each year.  My thinking was to convert this section to a bed and plant it with something a bit more drought-tolerant.   My longer-term thinking is to convert much of this section 'in between two driveways' to a long, linear bed with just a little bit of turf.  But, that's a big project requiring quite a bit of turf removal AND a lot of planting.  

That means I'm going to start with a smaller section right now - and I started to carve out the bed last night.  Just to get the contours of the area that I want to transform, I removed the edge and will follow with removing the (now dormant) turf in the coming days.  See below for the area and a sense for the curves of the small bed that incorporates the current tree in the corner and is bound by the driveway and sidewalk.

With Fall bulb planting season arriving soon, my plan is to plant a series of flower bulbs (first), then transplant some of the Lemon Coral Sedum from our front beds on top of the bulbs to serve as ground cover.  Doing so, would cross #3 off my 2021 to-do list.  Then, come Spring....perhaps I extend the bed a bit more next season.


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