New Garden Spade - My First Sneeboer - September 2021

What an upgrade.  Or, at least it SEEMS like an upgrade vs my normal small spade.  This was a gift (birthday), but since COVID, the folks at Sneeboer were behind. I have just learned about their tools this season and have quickly become enamored with their garden tools.  Why?  Here's what Garden Tools Co has to say about Sneeboer:

Sneeboer hand forged Dutch garden tools have been handcrafted in Holland since 1913 and are considered the finest quality garden tools available anywhere in the world. Sneeboer...the best garden tools you'll ever own!

Where did I come across Sneeboer?  Consider me 'influenced' by the Impatient Gardener.  Erin, in this post, calls this shovel the "tool that changed everything about gardening for me."  Big boast, right?  You can go read her whole post to learn about how she noticed in British gardening shows use a tool that doesn't look like our traditional gardening spade that we have here in the US.  

Here, below, is mine:

The tag tells the story:  Tools for life - and generations to come.  That's a bold claim, isn't it?  A tool that can be handed down.

This seems to be the year where I've done some tool upgrades - with a new pair of Niwaki pruners and now this Sneeboer shovel.  Last year, I upgraded my rake situation with this Groundskeeper II thatch rake.  Next up is a long-handled dutch hoe, based on the recommendation from Roy Diblik.   


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