Plant Dreaming: Ligusticum scoticum via Northwind Perennial Farm

I somehow (somehow!) have really failed to post about my visit(s) - yes...multiple visits this year - to Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin.  Home nursery to Roy Diblik - who I've posted about before here on the blog.  I have a tag up for the place, but when I was taking about some hostas this past week, I mentioned that I planted some Japanese Forest Grasses - Hakonechloa Macra Hakone Grass - and realized I never got around to posting some photos of those visits.  

Well, today, I correct that miss. Starting with a photo of a display of something people call Scottish Lovage - but is exclusive to Northwind in Wisconsin.  That photo is below - showing off a couple dozen 1# containers of Ligusticum scoticum.

The sign reads:  "Compact, upright, clump-forming perennial.  Glossy leaves with umbels of tiny, white flowers.  Beautiful seed heads."

The second sign provides the pedigree:  "This plant is highly regarded at the Chicago Art Institute.  Northwind is the only nursery in the Midwest to carry this gem!"

But the most appealing part?  It is unique.  This isn't something you'll see in very many gardens.  That's the real draw to me.  Something that Roy Diblik has that nobody else is selling?  Seems like a good one for me to add.  Right on the [Plant Dreaming] list from this Summer along with the Brother Stefan hosta and the Sandy Claws epimedium.  


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